Photo credit: Verity Cridland, Greece May 2015 albumCreative Commons license

Eleusis Films

Eleusis Films is a production company specializing in video for educational, cultural, and heritage institutions. We work with clients from the development of concepts through production, post production, and distribution of the material. Our experiences working in an academic setting influence the way we choose to approach projects, ask questions, adhere to ethics, analyze the material and construct narratives. We have a particular affinity for projects about aging, as well as those that explore the history and culture of the Pacific Northwest.

Our clients have included Portland State University, Oregon Health & Science University, Oregon Geriatric Education Center, the Jessie F. Richardson Foundation, The Confluence Project, the Center for Columbia River History, and the Washington Historical Society.

We also make documentary films. Check out our Documentaries page to see what we're up to.

We dedicate our work to lifelong learning and discovery. Even at times when the world feels small, mundane, or fully known, in truth there are great mysteries all around us. 

Eleusis, Greece

by Eleusis Films founder Cynthia Lopez

Many years ago I had the opportunity to visit Eleusis, Greece. Modern-day Eleusis is an industrial city near Athens. Centuries ago, it was the site of the Eleusinian Mysteries, a significant religious ceremony in ancient Greece. The Mysteries honored the cult/myth of Demeter and her daughter Persephone, the cycle of life-death-life, and the turn of the seasons. I was fascinated by the mystery of the Mysteries and the idea of this place where secret ceremonies, rituals, and (rumor has it) extensive, madcap parties took place to celebrate the goddesses. Who were the celebrants and what was it like to participate in these events? 

Years later when developing my company, for some reason I started to think about my visit to Eleusis and what I'd learned on that trip. Was there something there that I needed to bring forward into my work? I came to an understanding that I wanted to honor the cyclical nature of creative work, and that studying the Eleusinian Mysteries all those years ago had led me to find meaning in celebrating nature, history, the life course in all of its beautiful stages, and soul-gratifying fun. 

Photo credit: Greek Theater by Ramona Abbott

Cynthia Lopez, Founder and Producer

Cynthia Lopez, MA, MUS, is interested in how we express values through narrative forms. She has a background that is both artistic and academic.  She made her first film on Super 8 at age eleven in a llama pasture and soon thereafter began documenting the world around her with tools such as a cassette tape recorder and her parents’ VHS camera. She worked toward a career as a qualitative researcher who was deeply interested in exploring ethnographic methodologies, but found that the medium of film was more suited to her desire to understand and shape visual narratives. She earned a certificate in Gerontology as part of her graduate studies and holds a special place in her heart for the topic of aging.


StoryMinders provides captioning and other accessibility services for our work. We also love collaborating with them to create narratives about the experience of brain injury such as "Who Am I To Stop It", "Cooking With Brain Injury", and "Friending With Brain Injury!". .